Top Niche for Blogging – Most Porfitable Blogging Niches in 2022

You will come in right place to solve your concern top niche for blogging. Are you wondering start a blog but you don’t know which topic or niche you to choose? Then don’t worry.

Creating a blog and earn money through it, is now complicated for beginners. Because of high competition in every field of blogging.

Most of individuals will not aware or learn anything before jump in blogging, later they’re suffering from it and then blame himself for not doing anything from blog.

Let’s discuss our topic top niche for blogging; basically niche choosing may be an important task to start your journey on blogging. You merely can’t post anything from anywhere, that’s not a correct strategic of writing articles.

Not all niches best for you

This is true that you are can do blogging on any topic or any subject as you want, but this also true that not all topics or niche have same potential or same earning power.

Before selecting any topic or niche asks yourself few questions, why you begin your blog? What is your expertise? What subject or topic you have interest? Are you staying consistent of this field?

If you get all above questions answers then good. Attempts to choose a subject or niche that you have expertise and also it must have value in market, means more searchable or trending topic. 

As you starting a beginner I strongly recommended you to settle on a Low completion niche or micro niche for yourself to solve your problem top niche for blogging.

You need to passion about your work (to find top niche for blogging)

Either your goal is money, writing articles daily on a subject or topic you do not have any knowledge before or you’re not interested about your topic. It’s not give you result.

Think about a moment, could you write an articles for something that you have uninterested multiple times day by day. What about if you are doing lot of research for a tiny part of this topic.

You could not do that as you don’t have knowledge or interest about that topic.

So before, anything you select makes sure that you have passion about it and also have some knowledge before starting.

Even if your ultimate goal is to only make money, you ought to pick a topic that you have interest and prior knowledge. Luckily there are plenty of blogging niche available for your interest based on considering top niche for blogging.

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6 profitable top niche for blogging

It is very important to understand that the most profitable niches are always changing. So that, you’ll find many other blog ideas in continuously time by time. In this list I am discussing some evergreen blog ideas that not changed for years.

1. Health & Fitness

Health & Fitness top niche for blogging

Health & fitness is one of the most profitable or most searchable niches in this modern day’s. This niche has plenty of blogs to compete with you, because it is a evergreen blog niche of all time. you discover lots of traffic there.

If you are interested about this huge searchable niche then, you ought to go with it’s micro niche. Micro niche means elements of your main niche.

There are lot of things you can do in this niche, conider to top niche for blogging.

1. Give diet plans:  fruits, vegetables, protin-milk-shake, raw food, salad… etc.

2. A specific exercise:  running, body-lifting, weight lifting and crossfit…

3. A spcified audience:  men, women, adults, and old…..

4. Give consultant about health:  solve health related doubts and give knowledge’s.

5. Sharing your fitness journey with people:  If you follow regular diet plan and do exercise on a day to day then you could share your experience with other through your article post.

 6. Health related gadgets :  you’ll review some health related gadgets and tell them about their pros and cons. What’s the reason he or she would use this product.

2. Personal Finance top niche for blogging

Personal Health

Blogs on personal finance found an enormous amount of audience compare to any other niche.

And again a bit like health & fitness in here we saw same amount of blogs, means a lot of people will start blogging in this niche because its popularity.

If decide on this broad niche then be carefull as it seem liked to be easy but not.

Some part of this niche you could write:-

1. Earning Tips: share money making tips & tricks, and how they can earn more money? Share coupon codes with your audiences.

2. Invest Tips: where to invest? how they double their money with share market? share strategies decide to invest.

3. Give consultancy: give consultancy on how they manage their source of income and charge a fees, through your articles blog.

4. Manage Debt: how they will overcome from debt, paying it, student loans….

5. EMI: from paying EMI to beat from all kind of EMI’s, share your any experience….

6. Bills: give solution on how they pay bills properly.

3. Fashion top niche for blogging

Fashion top niche for blogging

As we know that every one like fashion especially women’s, so in here you’ll start your fashion blogs and create a main source of income from it. It could possible, although you have get a bigger competion in this niche.

Fashion blogs can run into multiple ways, you’ll show off your style and fashion and enter your name in the world of fashion blogging.

Men or women what ever you are, you can write any type of articles on different category’s including men’s fashion, women’s fashion or baby’s fashions.

If you like fashion world you can give tips and tricks related to fashion.

4. Entertainment top niche for blogging

Entertainment top niche for blogging

In this busy world everybody wants entertainment, day by day it becomes popular niche concede to your concern on top niche for blogging.

In this niche you can attract a lot of audience through your articles compares to any other niches, because it’s now a little bit low competition.

From old to children’s all of us need to be entertain in different kind of entertainment orders similar as, gaming, watching movies and many more. You could do gaming review’s or movie review’s pick anything to start your blog.

You can write articles about new release movie shows, trending motifs on social media, new lanched game reviews and many other topics to add some value through your articles.

 When you choose any micro niche from this broad niche then make it sure anything you elect, it must have lower competition and more searchable in internet.

5. Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing top niche for blogging

Digital marketing is one of the fastest growing topic in early times, it has lots of potentiality in near future.

In the period of social media every body wants their business to be online, because it’s easiness. You can reach lot’s of consumer fluently related to your product on this platform.

 Digital marketing covers a broad range of strategy, from Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and email marketing to social media influencer marketing. As the eCommerce business continues to grow, every business seeking an expert social media marketers to help them reach more consumers and boost their business.

Still, it could readily for you to understand this request, if you’re from a business background also.

There are numerous sub content or niche about digital marketing to break your query top niche for blogging. If you choose this niche you can write about some undiscoverable topics, such as Email marketing, Affliate marketing, Social media influencer, Entrepreneurship.

This topics has lot’s of potential in future but nearly peoples don’t know atleast their meanings, so there is a chance for you to start your blogging through these topics. And write quality contents because, end of the day it matters how you can add more value to it.

6. Travel (Top Niche for Bloggging)

Travel Blog

The final niche of our list is travel. Again it is one of most popular blog niche, for blogger to readers every body likes this niche.

In this niche there are lot of different approaches to take for make a successfull blog. Blogging about your journey and share experience with your audience.

Great photo’s, of course an important part to your travel blog. Indeed if you just writing about attracted places, peoples also see photos and videos before visiting any location.

You could write about specific country’s popular places, and a particular type of travels such as, solo, duo or family anything. And also help peoples from flight booking to get a hotel throughout your blogs.

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