Micro Niche Blog Ideas – For Every Blogging Beginners

Here are some Micro niche blog ideas to assist your blogging journey on online. From this list you’ll be able to begin your Blogging journey and create some financial gain.

In fact, we have a tendency to all need to begin our blog. However cannot make decision, what micro niche ought to be acceptable you. So, in this article I will discuss lot’s of micro niche blog concepts to assist you.

Picking the correct micro niche, will make you a self-made blogger.

Before, discussing profitable blogging niche concepts. Let’s learn what is micro niche? And why you choose micro niche over broad niches?

Why to choose micro niche over broad niches?

Firstly, what is micro niche? A Micro niche blog would mainly focused on a paticular topic. Whereas targeting a spread of peoples that have an interested in this topic.

Broad niches has lot’s of areas to cover and additionally high competition in the market.

Micro niche blog ideas, have the potential to succed in blogging field with minimum time.

When it involves to choose blogging niche ideas, selecting the correct micro niche blog ideas is vital. Because, they offer comfortable quantity of organic rich and more authoritative.

Most significantly, it’s easier for you to rank in Google. In short, micro niche has low competition, long-tail keywords and lots of other thing.

Now let’s discuss regarding some profitable micro niche blog ideas.

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Micro Niche Blog Ideas

We have categorised top trending and most profitable micro niche blog ideas for you. So, you can pick a niche over your interest-based.

  • Technology
  • Travel
  • Food
  • Entertainment
  • Social Media
  • Finance
  • Home Decoration

Technology Micro Niche Blog Ideas

Technology micro niche blog ideas

Technology is one among the most searched and profitable giant scale blogging niche. You’ll be able to simply produce lot’s of micro niche blogs from this broad niche.

Best Budget Smartphones

Write about best budget smartphones to variety range of value for straightforward to shop for.

Smartphone Specs and options review

You can review smartphones specifications and options. Examination different kinds of smartphones is additionally a good choice to start.

Smart Gadgets to use

Write down some attention-grabbing smart gadget lists. That can available on Amazon. Generally, tell regarding to their features and functionality to peoples.

Best camera phones

List some best camera phones underneath a particular vary of quantity to shop for.

Top Processor and RAM

Smartphones with nice processors and have sufficient RAM. You’ll be able to additionally compare different phones benchmark score.

Mobile covers

The best mobile covers for various phones. You decide on from amazon and flipkart. And list them.

  • Top 10 Best Iphone covers
  • Top 10 best Android back case
  • Back case for boys and girls

Travel Micro Niche Blog Ideas

airport 2373727 1920

Travel is another popular and quickest growing blogging niche. There are lot’s micro niche blogs is created from this massive broad niche. Here is that the list you’ll be able to select

Share Traveling Tips

Share some best travel tips for beginner travelers. Specifically, however they’ll absolutely utilize their travel vacation a lot of with efficiency.

  • The best traveling packeges
  • Must have some traveling listing before going

Sea Beach guides

This niche solely covers best ocean beaches, packing for beaches, beaches games to play and many more. This could be a guide for Beach travelers.

  • Best beaches in South India
  • Top 5 Beach in South Africa
  • White sand beaches
  • Best packing tips & tricks

Healthy Travel for beginners

This a new trend in past years. Peoples are interested regarding their health while in a trip. So, you can guide them as how they become healthy in vactions.

City guides

This works nice. Everyone wants to explore each part of a new cities. As a solo traveler, they have some correct plan to visit all famous places. So, you’ll be able to do for them.

Budget-friendly Traveling

Many off us like to travel but there was a finance problem. You can share tips and tricks to save lots of money. While, aiming to anywhere. Recommend about some best budget-friendly hotels, reasonable places.

Smart traveling gadgets

Write about some attention-grabbing best smart gadgets that will help while traveling.

Note: Top NIche For Blogging

Food Micro Niche Blog Ideas

food - salad

Food is additionally another evergreen blogging niche. You can select many of micro niche blog ideas from this wide selection of big niche. If you already got a food blog, you’ll be able to implement this profitable micro niche ideas. Let’s see a number of them.

Nutrition foods

Write about best organic process foods which will cause you to a lot of healthy. Maintaining healthy foods cycle. Most importantly, list down foods that have high protine and focused on nutrition.


If you know cooking that’s great for this micro niche. Train peoples however they cook different types diss. Also share your cookery’s video and recipies.

Kitchen Appliences

Blog regarding best budget kitchen room appliences. This topic is also help you to do Affliate promoting along with blogging. Review a product and a write its features also a good choice.

You can review kitchen equipments, vegetable choppers, cookery necessities, cooktops and many more.

Share diet planes

Many peoples need to remain healty. But unfortunately they don’t have a correct diet plan decided to follow. Share different diet planes for vegetarian and non-vegetarians. Build them trust worthy about your diet plan.

Vegan foods to eat

This blog topic is mainly focus on vegetarian vegans. make lists regarding some popular and healty vegan foods. In short, write down vegan popular recipes.

Non-vegan foods

This micro niche is merely covers non-vegetarian topics. You can write best chicken recipes and also others. Creating a decent meal for non-vegetarains also a good choice of micro niche blog.

Entertainment Micro Niche Blog Ideas

Entertainment micro niche blog ideas

Who doesn’t need to be entertain ofcourse, all of you including me also. This is often just one micro niche blog ideas that needs less time compares to different niches. Lot’s of blogs can be created from this huge niche.

Gaming Tutorials

Everybody plays a lot’s of games to their free times. You can write about gaming tutorials and review them. Share some sortcuts to win the games and also create stunning gaming strategies.

Best comedy shows

Review best comedy shows or movies that entertain peoples.

Movie Review

This is the popular one blog topic. Create a full list of various varieties of movies. As an example, Action, Fiction, Romantic so on. Review and catagorised them as per their IMDB rate.

  • Top 10 Action movies in 2022
  • Best romantic shows
  • High fantasy fiction movies


Blog regarding to best music applications, music equipments and kinds of technology utilized in music.

Celebrities Bio-graphy

you can write Hollywood, Bollywood and flim industry actor actress biography. As they trends whenever in internet. Also share their financial gain, lifestyle, pictures and many more.

Gaming gadgets review

It is another profitable affliate micro niche blog. Write best gaming and amusement gadgets review and features.

  • Best gaming chair for Boys
  • Top 5 gaming laptops
  • Most popular gaming smartphones
  • Latest mouse and keyboards

Social Media Micro Niche Blog Ideas

social media

Social Media is one of the quickest and most preferred blogging niche. There are almost nearly 4 bilion users on social media according global reports. This is often an opportunity to try and do some blogging underneath this huge niche.

Social Media influencer

Share tips and tricks about the way to become social media influencer. Write a list of famous social media incluencer in India, Uk or Us.

Guide to social media

As several new peoples are comes into social media. Blog about the way to get famous on social media for beginners. Create a whole path and share it.

Content creation

How to create best engaging and attracting content for social networks. which short, of content would best on this specific site.

Popular Hastags

Make a list of some popular and famous hastags.

Social Media best practice

Best observe works that which will boost your profile engagement and reach.

  • Create content on Youtube


finance micro niche blog ideas

Finance niche is one of most competitive and powerful blogging niche. It’s high CPC on bidding and adsence. For example, you will be able to create a lot’s of micro niche blogs from finace. If you’ve got any exeriences in financial management. That’s work great for your blog.

Insurance tips

When it involves to finance than insurance tips is facilitate to beneficial for youth and elders. Create a micro niche blog. That mainly focused on different insurance policies and tips.

Savings Money

All we would like save our money. Share money saving tricks and tips.

Budgeting financial gain

How to efficienly everybody budget their incomes. Split your experiences over budgeting. Some higher ways in which to procure less expences and maintain their budget.

Personal Finance

Firstly, everybody needs to learn personal finance management. Secondly, there are some to achieve information in finance management profile.

Most importantly, having a better knowledge about personal finace can provide them more independence in their later stages. Nowdays peoples can reffered to live straightforward life.

Credit cards

Credit cards is most paying blogs. You can create micro niche blogs underneath credit segments and share your experience.

For example, Student credit cards, Travel credit cards and and lots of different things.

Blog regarding to way of to use credit cards more efficiently and get more discounts.

Home Decoration

Home decoration

Home Decoration is another popular blogging niche. If you’re a lot of interested regarding creating your home beutiful this is often for you. It’s several micro niche blog ideas that you just create.

Wall Decor

Give best wall decoration wallpapers and tricks. This niche of blogs solely focussed on wall decoration ideas and gadgets in numerious occasion. And also share best wall designs.

Smart LEDs

Write about LED bulbs which will facilitate peoples to brighten their homes. Especially in Diwali there’s lot’s of peoples which will search smart RGB LEDs.

Home Organizing

Giving planes to arrange homes for higher wanting and impressions. Lists some gadgets that may assist to arrange rooms or homes.

Design Interiors

Blog about some good interior designs. Perfect Interiors designes for lounge room, bedrooms, kitchen. The beutiful painting concepts, classic home related designs for each part of your house.

Home Automation Gadgets

You can review high automation gadgets. For example, Smart devices and good gadgets. Smart devices offers us a more robust living and adaptability.

DIY Hacks for Home

DIY is usually a treding thing in internet. If you’ve got best power in making design things using simple products, it’s for you.

You can simply enhance your home with waste materials and share your experience.

FAQ on Micro Niche Blog Ideas

What are the micro niches for blogging?

A Micro niche blog would mainly focused on a particular topic. Whereas targeting a range of peoples that have an interested in this topic. Micro niche blogging is kindly different from traditional blogs. As, normal blog covers a wide range of area. In fact, micro niche covers a small topics underneath a broad niches blog.

What blog niches are most profitable?

If you’re qurious on the point of understand the foremost profitable blog niches. Than these niches are assist you to begin blog immediately.

  • Fashion
  • Traveling
  • Digital Marketing
  • Earn Money Online
  • Health & Fitness
  • Personal Finance

How do I choose a micro niche?

Firstly, you wish to analysis regarding what topics are presently trending. Secondly, ask your self that what topics you have got an interest and some knowledge. Thridly, choose a topic that have low competition and also search volume is high. That is however you decide on a profitable small niche.

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