How to install WordPress from Cpanel?(Beginner’s Guide)

In this article i will discuss about how to install wordpress from cpanel step by step? If you are a beginner congrats this article is for you.

To install WordPress as quick as possible, you need to look for a hosting provider that can perform the installtion for your behalf. Some hosting provider provide quick and easy installation with auto installer.

Try to choose a better hosting provider that can optimized for especially WordPress’s sites.

Introduction of wordpress

WordPress is a free, open-source Content Management System (CMS), its known for versatility and ease of use.

It’s a popular tool for individual without coding experience you can build your website or blog through it. The software is completly free of cost. Anyone can install, use and modify it by their needs.

Basically wordpress is like home’s structure, creating websites or blogs you design its structure by yourself through this CMS. WordPress is also known for its customization, it gives you unlimited functionalities.

This is a basic introduction of wordpress. Before your search query “how to install wordpress from cpanel?” will solve you need to know, what is wordpress and how wordpress works?

Introduction of wordpress

How wordpress works?

As you know WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) it become popular because, it’s open-source and beginner-friendly.

In the beginning, WordPress was mainly created for blogs. But day by day the software has improved and optimized, and now you can create any type of website you want.

How wordpress works? This is the big problem when you try to find, how to install wordpress from cpanel? WordPress is works by combining some core files, a database, files that you add or install and a dashboard that will help you to manage the whole thing.

And it gives you unlimited customization and also you can extent its funtionality by adding plugins.


Why use wordpress ?

If you are a beginner in blogging than you may be think why use wordpress? The answer is simple, wordpress is free of cost and secure.

You don’t need any coding expertise to create your first website or blog in wordpress.

One interesting fact about WordPress is you can create any type of website or blogs in just few clicks of it.

You can build personal blogs, profesional portfolio, business sites, e-commerce stores, mobile application and so on.

Finally, as you learn Introduction of WordPress, how wordpress works? Why use wordpress? Now let’s talk about how to install wordpress from cpanel step by step guides?

How to install wordpress from cpanel? (using auto installer)

Here i’m using Hostinger’s hosting to install wordpress from cpanel.

  1. Go to Hostinger website and log in to web hosting account than click Hosting on the main menu
Hosting how to install wordpress from cpanel?

2. Choose your new domain name for your site and than click Manage button to acces your hpanel.

Select hosting how to install wordpress from cpanel

 3. On your hpanel dasboard under Websites Section find Auto Installer button.

hpanel introduction of wordpress

4. Under Auto Installer, choose WordPress option and click Select button.

Auto-installer introduction of wordpress

5. Fill out the WordPress Install Form:

  • Check your Custom Domain name and make sure it popup “wordpress” next to it.
  • Fill the Administrator Password, Username, and Email, they are your WordPress login credentials. They do not need to same as your web hosting login information. Choose a Strong Password to prevent illegal activity.     
  • Write your Website Title / name.
  • Choose your preffered Language.
  • Select the Always update to latest available version option for automatic updates.
Wordpress installation form how to install wordpress from cpanel?

After filling out all important information, hit the Install button.

  1. Hostinger will show Installed Aplications. Click three dots next to your WordPress URL. And than Select Manage to go to My WordPress dasboard.
Installed applications

2. On the WordPress dasboard, Click the Edit Website button to access WordPress Administration Dashboard.

hpanel wordpress dashboard edit website

3. Another way to access WordPress Admin Dashboard is by clicking the Dashboard button under WordPress on hpanel.

hpanel-wordpress-dashboard how to install wordpress from cpanel?

Tip:- In this way you can install WordPress using your cpanel.

How to install wordpress manually (in 2022)

Whether the previous option is not work for you or your hosting provider may not have auto installer option. And simply you do it install WordPress manually by yourself.

So let’s see how to install wordpress manually? rather than how to install wordpress from cpanel?

This method is a longer process still straightforward to follow for beginners. In this process we see, how you can upload WordPress manually to your hosting account?

1. Download process of wordpress

Before our installation process start, make sure remember few things about WordPress.

1. Your hosting plane and WordPress system requirement needs to be same.

  • PHP version 7.4 or greater.
  • MySQL version 5.7 or greater OR MariaDB version 10.3+.
  • HTTPS supports.

2. Download WordPress latest version from offcial website. And extract it from the Zip file.

Wordpress download

3. Upload your website files from the extracted wordpress folder to your public_html file using your hosting provider’s File Manager or with FileZila (FTP client).

4. If you are using FTP Client, than you need create a new FTP account.

ftp accounts hostinger

2. Creating Database and User

When you install WordPress manually you need to be create new MySQL Database.

  1. Log in to your hpanel and go to MySQL Database under Database section.
Hosting account

2. Create a new MySQL Database name, username and password and click Create button.


Tip:- Make sure copy all your MySQL credentials as they need later.

3. Configure wp-config.php file

You need to configure wp-config.php file, that how WordPress knows about your database server settings.

  1. On your hosting account, go to files and click file manager option.
hostinger file manager

2. Click on public_html and open the folder.

Public_html how to install wordpress from cpanel

3. Locate wp-config-sample.php file and rename it to wp-config.php

wp-config-sample.php how to install wordpress from cpanel

4. Right click on it and choose Edit.



6. Replace them with your MySQL Database credentials that created earlier.

7. After finish editing, Click Save & Close.

4. Running wordpress install Script

To install WordPress script, type in your domain name in a brower to proceed with manual wordpress installation.

  1. Choose your Language and press Continue
wordpress-choose-language how to install wordpress from cpanel

2. Fill out your website and Administrator information:

  • Create a new Site tilte for your website
  • Set Username, Password and your Email Address which will later used when you login to WordPress Administrator Panel
  • Check Search engine visibility box, if you want to index your site in Google

Finally click Install WordPress button to go

Installation form how to install wordpress from cpanel

Then, fill your login credentials to access WordPress Admin Panel.

wordpress-login-screen how to install wordpress from cpanel

Finally all step are complete about how to install wordpress manually? And your ready to go with your wordpress website.

Tip:- If you face any problem regarding to ” how to install wordpress manually and how to install wordwpress from cpanel? Fell free to comment the problem i will try to solve it.

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