How to Start a Blog in India 2022 (Step by Step)

To get information about how to start a blog in India you came in right place. In this post I’ll talks how to start a blog step by step, no matter what you know or what you don’t know about blogging.

Utmost people want to start their business on online but they don’t know how to do that correctly. In that same time, I suppose blogging is the best option to choose for your business to be digitalized.

Some of other options are available but blogging helps you to reach out applicable audience and it could be your main source of income along with your business.

In this period of digitalization you have a chance to express yourself or your business to other peoples and reach out maximum audience through blogging community for growth.

Blog is growing now at a faster speed, so numerous people choose blogging as a career option. 

If you really want how to start a blog India, still, then are some points to figure out about blogging.

How to Start a Blog in India?

Blog is a evergreen career option to choose. Due to very work pressure in private sector peoples left their job and start their own business or start-up via blogging or website.

Near future the blogging scope is gone far away from now, in India there are few peoples dare to choose blogging as a full time career option.

Other develop country’s formerly make sure that blogging can be a full time career option and so they start invest their time on it. But in India blogging not so important at this time, so peoples are not getting so much aware of it.

Before you learn how to start blog keep in mind that blogging is not everyone’s cup of tea. There is no mistrustfulness that blogging can gives you a brighter future.

And if you want to be a part of an stunning trip of blogging few things to be known when it comes to understanding and exploring.

Steps for How to Start a Blog in India

Before start your blogging journey make sure you selected right niche for your blogs.

After selecting niche you have to select your blog suitable domain name.

If you start your blog professionally then you have purchase a best web hosting along with domain.

After purchasing domain and hosting you need to install CMS or Content Management System where you can store your blog posts, images ,media, links etc.

One of the most important task in bloging is pick a seo friendly theme. And design your blog as you want to.

WordPress gives you lots of option to customize your blog but along with those options you need some essiential plugins to install on woredpress to properly run your blog.

After all of that you need to write articles and post your articles on your blog.

If you want rank your website in google and get free traffic to your blog, make sure you do proper seo of your blog site.

Step:1 Pickup a niche

The most important thing is a perfect niche selection for your website or blog. When you are set your mind on how to start a blog in India.

Also I recommended you to go with your favourite content or what you like the most in term of doing that work.

Why I am suggesting you that you should go with your favourite topic or subject. Because, in blogging you don’t know when your website is ranked on Google perhaps, one week, one month or one time it depends on your content.

Of course, you need to consistent to succeed in this field.

If you don’t elect your interest grounded motives, you should frequently feels de-motivate but you will be noway inconsistent on your work.

You need to insure that the niche you choose is helpful to peoples or they interested to reading about it. Doesn’t simply just looking the niche considering it can help you to boost your business.

There are many effects to consider to opting a niche on how to start a blog.

Let’s talking about some of them:-

If you get answers of all of this questions then you are good to go with blogging, one more thing only select searchable or trending topics.

Step:2 Choose a domain name

Choosing a domain name is another most important part of your blog when it comes to how to start a blog in India.

Try to elect your domain name, related to your blog posts because day by day it becomes your brand. But it is not necessary to pick your domain name as your niche name or category like it’s depends on you.

When peoples visit your blog they looked your content if you put valuable content then they remember blog name to get further useful information in near future.

But if you choose an uncommon domain name that does not relate your content and also not remember able you lose your traffic.

So, when you elect your domain make sure keep it simple, sort and flash back suitable, near future peoples were refer this URL to their friends, family.

Numerous domain extensions available for blogs but try to choose only most popular .Com or .In (If you from India) extensions.

Step:3 Buying a web hosting

There are numerous web hosting companies that are give you their platforms for blogging free of cost, as infinitFree, Wix, Wordpress and also Google’s hosting server Blogger.

They are relatively analogous but they come up with some downsides as you use their platforms for free of cost.

If you use their platforms you won’t be suitable to monetize the entire blog. That’s the main reason to invest some money to buy a good self-hosting service. For your concern to break on how to start a blog in India

Self-hosting services bring a lots of features, that free platforms can’t give you. So ahed invest research a little bit about some of most popular hosting companies.

Step:4 Installing wordpress (how to start a blog in india?)

After you elect domain and hosting from right places also comes into the most important part to install WordPress to your blog.

Hostinger can be helpful for you as it has auto-installer option. With this you can install wordpress less than minutes.

To install wordpress you must follow some way to negotiate your concern on how to start a blog in India. (Steps for hostinger users only) :                         

Step:5 Pick a SEO friendly theme

Now comes to the most important part of your blog, that choosing a SEO friendly theme. That gives your blog decent look with user friendly design.

This can break your concern about how to start a blog. You can install free wordpress themes, just go to wordpress dashboards appearence section.

In the wordpress theme store you will find free and paid both themes, but as a beginner i prefered to go with free themes. As i told you that wordpress theme store have a huge collection of free stylish theme.

It is totally your choice how you customize or design your themes on theme store, but try to keep it simple and minimistic so your design grabs the attention of the readers.

Keep it mind when you select your theme, that finds only SEO friendly and optimized themes on theme store.
It will help you in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and load faster as compare to others.

Step:6 Installed plugins ( How to Start a Blog in India)

Once the wordpress theme installaltion was complete also go to coming important task that is essential plugins installation.

The best part of wordpress is, it gives thousands of plugins to help you in blogging some of them paid and some of them are free of cost.

Plugins are the backbone of your wordpress blog so noway underrate them, choose precisely.

If you are a beginner some essential plugins were demanded to run your blog properly. So there are the best usefull plugins for you

1. Yoast SEO –> Help in doing on-page, off-page seo of your blog.

2. Smush –> This plugins helps you to compress your images on your blog.

3. Easy table of content –> It helps you to produce amazing table of content menu/

4. Elementor –> Elementor is a advanced posts edit plugin.

5. Site kit by google –> This one plugin helps you to connect your all your google services at a time.

Note: Best Blogging Plugins for WordPress

Step:7 Writing valuable articles

When to come blogging, we can’t ignore the fact that dynamic content is extremly important these days.

When you write a content for your blog make sure it is clean and neat. You must catch your audience attention to the contant that has some instructional tips and tricks. So they are not go any were to find that same information as you have.

You need to be concentrated to produce quality content and also try to keep it simple rather than anything that you like, don’t do that. Because quality content have the super power to boost your audience.

Every blog posts, you produce should be unique or it must engaging to the applicable audience. Some tools help you to produce quality content grounded on your motifs you choose for blogging,

Step:8 Doing proper SEO (How to Start a Blog in India)

Once the whole content is ready then you need to reach your audience through your content, for this you have an effective marketing strategic plan.

You need to find better ways that can helpful to reach out utmost of the relevent audience. To negotiate your concern of how to start a blog in india.

For this you can take help soical media platforms as Facebook, Linkedin etc. And one other ways to get traffice that is Google announcement but one thing to remember on this case you are not gaining organic traffic.

So as a beginner you should only concentrate on getting as much as organic traffic.

The best ways to get oraganic traffic is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your blog. It is a best free method to reach out further relevent audience. You can use google analytics for traffic and statistics

SEO how to start a blog in india
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