How to Find Low Competition Keywords for Free – (Step by Step Guide)

Our first precedence is how to find low competition keywords after create a fresh blog. But utmost of the newcomers makes the mistake here.

Finding low competition keywords can be veritably helpful to grow your site. If you know the correct way of finding.

Numerous of you know a little bit of keyword exploration, that’s not enough for Ranked your webpage.

Searching a great low competition keyword can boost ranking in Google fluently. Still, it’ll a time taking process.

It requires a lot’s of trouble to negotiate or satisfy your requirement as a keyword experimenter.

Beginner’s does not know the exact roadmap or a companion to find low competition keywords for their specific niche.

Don’t worry; I will talk over some easiest ways on how to find low competition keywords in this article.

What is low competition keyword?

First, let’s talk what exactly is meant by ‘keywords’. A keyword is a specific niche-grounded term that can help to rank your post or articles in Google Search Result.

In keywords, there are two types available to choose, one is High competition and another one is Low competition.

A high-volume keyword is a exploration string that has high monthly volumes with huge competition. Then competitions mean, how numerous people write content or keyword to rank their web page.

In fact, low competition keywords are the search terms that have high volume with low in competition.

For using that particular keyword brings your composition or post in the first page of Google.

Analysing low competition keywords with importance

Before, talking on low-competition keywords significance, let’s clear the fundamentals of keyword exploration and analysis.

Probing a low-competition keyword is one thing, doing proper keyword difficulty analysis is another.

When talk about keyword exploration and analysing, the best tools comes into handy. For samples, Ubersuggest, ahrefs, Semrush and Google’s keyword planner.

But, occasionally these keyword tools are oftentimes flawed in terms of analysing the keyword difficulty.

Now, let’s talk about importance of low-competition keywords.

Creating a fresh website with great high DA (Domain Authority) backlinks and dozens of SERPs does not mean that you are good enough to rank in Google Search Engine.

It may take further than six or seven months to get the SEO results that you search for without proper ‘keywords’.

Benefits of low-competition keywords:-

  • Low competition keywords are easier to rank than advanced competition keywords.
  • Low comp keywords with high monthly quests will produce traffic and conversions.
  • It’s facilitate the base of your website to go with advanced completion keywords in near future.
  • Some keywords are high volume enough that can bring you the profitable transformations.

Let’s move into our main content how to find low competition keywords.

How to find low competition keywords for free?

Here are some easiest methods on how to find low competition keywords for your specific niche. You can also use paid tools to find keywords.

Google Autosuggest

I suppose Google autosuggest is the right place for you to manually keyword researching. Google autosuggest gives you other ideas of your specific keyword.

This requires a little bit savvy to get the right but it come easier once you find the right keywords suggestions.

Let’s do it, go to Google search bar and start typing any expression from your niche.

Then, I typed in “how to write a blog post” and set up other suggestions.

These are keywords that peoples laboriously searching in Google in all over world.

Google autosuggest on finding keywords

Google offers free keywords that can be helpful for you to write SEO-friendly and searchable articles.

Use these keywords as your secondary keyword and apply them to your content to get further searches among these keywords.

Google keyword planner

It is another free Google’s tool to find low competition keywords. However, you can set up lots of other keywords related to your main keyword.

Still, keyword planner gives you an overview of how numerous monthly exploration have on your keyword and also competition.

Add filters to get accurate results of your specific keyword.

How to find low competition keywords

As you can see that I enter the expression “how to write a blog post” it gives me a lots of other affiliated keywords with their statistics.

Using Google keyword planner you can fluently find low competition keywords for absolutely free.

Get questions about your Query

Whenever you search for any keyword in Google, you find that People also ask section.

Then you can find your keyword affiliated questions that substantially peoples will search. You can pick up these questions and answers them in your article.

Answering these questions will increase your chance in ranked in Google Search Engines.

how to find low competition keywords

Analyze your competitor’s site

Your search query how to find low competition keywords can be break to assaying competitor’s website.

Check what the keywords they are using to rank their posts, how important monthly organic traffic they get from this keyword.

In my recommendation, analysing competitor’s website is an easier trick you can do to find low competition keywords about your niche related.

Find Low competition keyword using Google trend

Google trend is another free and freaky free tool to dissected what topics is trending now, and monthly volumes on that content.

It it’s low or dropped in volumes over time, also that could be a sign for lower competition too!

Google Trends how to find low competition keywords


As I mentioned in this composition on how to find low competition keywords for SEO. It’s frequently best to avoid any paid keyword exploration tools. They are not give 100% accurate data, indeed any tool paid or free cannot give you the accurate results.

Manual keyword exploration can discover lots of keywords that these tools oftentimes missed them.

Most important, competitor’s website analysis works best when performed manually keyword research.

Find their weaknesses and also check (1) Do the sites match the search intent? (2) Are these articles well optimised? (3) The date when they published.

When you research for low competition keywords make sure use these techniques manually to found lots of keywords.

If you found this article helpful, let us know in the comments and share with your family and friends. Thank You!

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