How to Earn Money from Telegram in 2022 – (5 easy methods)

If you don’t know how to earn money from telegram and you click this article, then don’t worry you’ll be in the right place.

I think there is no one who does not know about Telegram. Basically we are all used Telegram channels for finding study materials, shopping deals, latest movies and etc. But also there are few peoples who know that Telegram could be a good side income source.

In fact, I am also used Telegram since 2018 as an information source and entertainment purpose. But recently I have seen almost every popular channel do paid promotions, share affiliate shopping links and earn a good amount of money.

So I find all the possible and best ways to earn a side income from Telegram channels.

What is Telegram Channel?

Telegram is fast growing fully encrypted cloud-based messaging app, launched Russia in 2013. Since then it is the no.1 best secure data privacy messaging application in the whole world.

Telegram is so much popular even it widely used in many countries and, it is the seventh most used non-gaming platform till now.

The main reason behind its popularity is Telegram is non adverting app and end-to-end encryption. One of the best feature that attract most of educated peoples. Also you can create channels and groups for your business or personal use.

How to earn money from Telegram channel

How to earn money from Telegram channels, it is even possible. Yes! You can income good money from Telegram channels. To earn money from telegram you need to create a public /private channel and post something valuable content.

Here are some best proven ways you can implement and create a side income from Telegram.

Telegram Messenger is world’s one of the most growing social platform to reach your targeted audience.

how to earn money from telegram
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1. Amazon Affiliate Marketing

One of the best things you can do in Telegram to earn money is Affiliate marketing. A lot of peoples find discount offers before buying any product. And that’s where you gain an opportunity to attract peoples to your Telegram Affiliate channels.

This is an easier way to do a more subtle way of earning money on Telegram.

You can promote affiliate product links from that you’ll receive a percentage of their purchase. I thing Amazon Affiliate is a great place to start as a beginner affiliate on Telegram. Because, Amazon is widely popular and also everyone love to purchase from Amazon.

If you decide to do Affiliate marketing on Telegram then, I would suggest you create an Amazon affiliate account. Most of cases Amazon will not approve your Affiliate account if you don’t have sufficient amount of traffic.

To solve this problem you need to complete 3 sales in 6 months to be eligible in Amazon Affiliate program. Once you complete your sales then, Amazon Affiliate team will review your account and send a status whether you’re applicable or not.

How to earn money from telegram

2. Blogpost Traffic Drive (Sponsorship)

If you own a website or a YouTube channel then you can get instant traffic by sharing your blog posts link in Telegram. Telegram can be a good traffic source for your blogs or YT videos.

Create a Telegram channel about your content and post 10-15 daily in that way you can send a good amount of traffic.

Also you can charge fees for drive traffic to the other websites, I mean promote other websites or blogs link. They will pay you for the audience you send to their blogs.

3. Refer and earn application Telegram Channel

How to earn money from telegram? “Refer and earn application channel” could be a great choice. If you don’t like other mentioned methods to earn money from Telegram channel, it’s very easy for you.

You may have seen many fantasy games and apps, like Dream11, My11Circle they’ll provide a good refer and earn platform to the users. If you have a decent number of subscribers on your channel you’ll get extra cash instantly.

how to earn money from telegram

In these days almost every peoples plays these fantasy rummy games and want to earn as much as possible. So, if you post how they can earn more money by sharing tips & tricks and coupon codes.

When they’ll get benefits by your content then they trust you and share your channel to their friends and families.

In this way you can share other fantasy application links and earn from them.

4. Earn money from URL shortner website

If you created any channel that provides news, online cheap deals, coupon codes etc. In fact, if your content is about educational or any service related then you can earn money from them through URL shortner websites.

Basically, URL or link shorter websites pay for click, when you put any other websites link into your posts then simply converts it into a short link.

When your visitors come to channel and click that short link to reach out their final destination. Link shorter websites pay you for passing your audience through their link. Some best link shortner webites is Bitly, tinyUrl, etc.

So in this way you can earn some money from that Link shortner websites.

5. Create a private channel and charge fees to join

One of the best methods to earn money from Telegram is create a private channel and charge fee to join. As I mentioned earlier that Telegram is one of the fastest growing social platform widely.

So, the best thing you can do to create a public and private channel and then fill the public channel with some valuable contents and gain some audience in your channel.

When you create any interesting content people wants to know more about that topic and then you offer them your private channel. That where you put more interesting and valuable posts compare to your public channel.

After that, you can drive your audience to your private channel and charge some money to join.

Final thought on How to earn money from Telegram

If you want to earn money from Telegram these are basic ways or methods which are genuinely give you money. Before, you make money build a specific niche-based audience so you can earn more money compare to others.

From all of these methods my favourite one is Amazon Affiliate and Sponsorship. One of the main reasons for pick up these two options is these methods can give you up to Rs.100000 monthly if you passionate and constant about your work.

If you have further any doubt or any query about how to earn money from Telegram you can asked in the below comment section. I will definitely answers it.

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