How to Customize WordPress Theme? (Beginners Guide)

Have you ever thought on how to customize wordpress themes, but unfortunately you don’t know the exact way of doing that.

So, in this post I’ll explain briefly how you can customize wordpress themes by your own.

There are lots of customize option available in WordPress but its challenging when you want to change specific one.

Also it’s important to your users on how your website looks and designed so they can stayed and explore others contents.

Customizing wordpress themes is one of the prior works before start a fresh blog. It could enhance your UI and audience retention.

Now let’s move into the main part of this post.

Why should customize wordpress theme?

It’s really important to change your websites design and UI. As because when readers visit your site for the first time they looked how your site is being designed, is it really comfortable for them to navigate other part of your sites.

WordPress theme customization is not just designing or putting features, also it promotes your brand.

Somehow, you don’t get your required features emerged with one theme. Generally some themes have low designing, poor layouts, not well- optimised, incorrect colour combination etc.

All of this can hit your overall ranking in Google. In fact, not a single theme is 100% perfect for all your wishes to fulfil. You can do customize them according to requirements.

How to customize WordPress theme?

There are many options available to customize WordPress themes. But one effective and easy way is themes default customizer option. Even other options are available just like coding and page builder tool.

For beginners it will be super easy to change whole websites look or layouts with just simple clicks.

Customize using default wordpress customizer

One of the simplest ways of customizing wordpress theme is default customizer option.

You can easily change your websites layouts using this option. So let’s customize our website.


Go to your WordPress dashboard then click on Appearance tab.

There fore, click on customize button.

how to customize wordpress theme

After that, you will see lots of customization option just customize what you want.

how to customize wordpress theme

Changing websites logo and icon

I am using GeneratePress theme for my website.

So, to change your websites logo and icon go to Site identity section

Site identity edited

In step 1 you can see logo option here you can select your sites logo.

Step 2 change your websites icon. Beside that, also can put Site Title and Tagline of your website.

Customize website layouts

The main part of how to customize WordPress themes is Layout section. As it contain all necessary customizing options of your website.

So, be carefull when you touch any part of these options.

Container :-

In the container section change container width, layout and container alignment.

Another one is Header option, using it you’ll be able to on or off mobile header.

How to customize wordpress themes

Primary Navigation :-

Here you can enable or disable mobile menus and other sub menus. Also customize menus width, height, alignment according to your requirement.

Primary Navigation

how to change wordpress theme color?

Numerous peoples don’t know how to change wordpress default theme color. So, let’s change our websites colour.

Go to Colour tab and here you can change every part of your websites colour.

Colors edited

Final thought

Customizing wordpress theme is easy if you use wordpress’s default customizer option.

In fact, there are also other options available to customize your website. But they can little bit hard for you as a newcomers.

Before, applying other methods try to fully understand defalut customizer settings.

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