Google AdSense approval requirements 2022 – [ Instant Approval ]

Alright, Google Adsense Approval Requirements is one the most asked question of newbie bloggers. It’s ok to be aware of what actually matter the most when you applying for it.

Stay with me I will guarantee you after reading this article you’ll be definitely got Google Adsense approval easily.

Google has defined some official eligibility criteria to be followed before applying. It is a not big thing to get Adsense approval in my experience.

Generally, most of the newcomers don’t follow some rules make by Google and rejected many times. As a newbie blogger it’s really difficult task as they don’t know what the Google adsense approval requirements to be aligible.

So, let’s explore this difficult process in easy words to get Adsense approval easily.

Google AdSense approval requirements

Here are top 10 approval requirements you need to follow before applying.

  1. You must be 18 years old
  2. Must Owned & Full Control over your site
  3. Create unique and interesting content
  4. You must have Clear Navigation
  5. You must avoid fake traffic
  6. Your content must be comply with AdSense Program policies
  7. You must avoid copyright infringement content
  8. You must be use a supported language
  9. Create Technical Page
  10. For adsense approval you need some organic traffic
Google Adsense Approval

1. You must be 18 years old

As per Google’s ‘Terms and Conditions’ you must 18 years old before they accept your application.

However, if you’re not 18+ and eager to monetize your blog or website with Google Adsense. You can use your parent’s information to sign up Google Account until your age is enough to get one of this. 

This is a simple eligibility criteria but still it would be not followed by some of you and get rejected by Google. So check this must before applying.

2. Must Owned & Full Control over your site

What is the mean by; you must owned and full control over your site to meet your requirements. Well this is recommended that you have control your website or you’re an administrator of it.

Basically, when you copy something that will be not owned by you, you’ll violate Google ‘Terms & Conditions’ and face copyright violation issue.

Google clearly mentioned that you need to be an administrator of your site and publish your own content to be eligible in their AdSense Program.

In fact, if you sign up with a site that not owned by you or you’re not an administrator, Google will unable to verify that you are the site owner and don’t activate your account.

To use Adsense, you must access the HTML source code of your site to place the code between the <head> tags.

3. Create unique and interesting content

Currently most of beginners do a big mistake and get rejection by Google.

If you create a site and then copy someone’s article also rewrite it and publish, it will be the big misconception. Google will not approve your request until you create unique or interesting content.

Most importantly, you need to have monetizing worth content that helps reader to find their search intent. When you create unique or interesting content Google will finds it helpful for peoples and approves your Adsense Approval.

Create unique and interesting content
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4. You must have Clear Navigation (adsense approval requirements)

Google’s main motive is to provide relevant and easy to navigate information to the users. This part is key eligibility criteria and not to avoid before applying. When users enter your site and couldn’t find the resources that he/she wants, it would be the main cause of your approval rejection.

As per Google, easy-to-use navigation (menu bar) is a key part of providing a good user experience. Also navigation bar help users to understand how to interact with your site and where the resources located are.

When create Navigation bar consider this:

  • All of the elements should align correctly and also responsive in all the devices.
  • Your content should be clear and easy to read by the users.
  • Create responsive drop-down menu bar.
  • Use quick links or sitemap of your site to easily reach the resource destination.

5. Avoid fake (bot) traffic to your site

You must be avoiding fake or any artificial traffic; it is the most prohibited thing that violet Google’s ‘Terms & Conditions’. You’re not getting Adsense Approval if you drive fake traffic to your site remember it.

Google on Fake Traffic:

“Clicks on Google ads must result from genuine user interest. Any method that artificially generates clicks or impressions on your Google ads is strictly prohibited. These prohibited methods include, but are not limited to, repeated manual clicks or impressions, automated click and impression generating tools, and the use of robots or deceptive software. Please note that clicking your ads for any reason is prohibited.”


In fact, after getting adsense approval you are not allowed to drive fake traffic, if they find any of these fraudulent click or impressions they will ban your account permanently.

6. Your content must be comply with Google Publisher Policies

There have so many restrictions that must be followed to be eligible in Adsense. When you monetize your content with Google ad code you must not violet these content policies.

Either, you have fail to comply these policies, it will cause Google blocked ads from appear to your site, or suspending and terminating your account completely.

Google adsense program policy

Content’s that have sexual, pornographic, malware, hacking-cracking, drugs, gambling, guns dealing will got rejected.

For the full list of restricted and other contents check “Google Publisher Policies”.

7. You must not use copyrighted content without permission

According to Google you must not include any copyright infringement content without permission. It can affect your Adsense Approval journey. Use your own unique or created images, videos, texts or you can use other’s content or images with their permission.

For example, you can be embed any social media posts or images such as YouTube videos, Twitter etc.

In fact, use non-copyrighted image or videos in your content. There are some royalty image sites available that will provide you non-copyright image or videos, such as Pexels, Pixabay or shutterstock.

8. Use a Supported language (Adsense approval requirements)

Many of you think of that, why I am introduce this point, but it is an official requirement for Google Adsense Approval. Unfortunately, Google won’t support all the languages by default.

Because, one of the main reason of why not support all the languages is Google wants to make sure that all the displaying ads can easily readable by all the users.

Google adsense approval requirements

9. You must create Technical Pages

I think 90% newcomers are making this mistake; they don’t create Technical Pages for their site. That’s the main reason of your site is not approved by Google.

Technical Pages are the pages that can explain users and also Google who you are and Privacy Policy of your site, and how anyone connects with you. In other word About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer and Terms and Condition pages make you trustworthy.

About Us pages helps users to trust of your site, and also know that who you are and your ultimate motive behind your content.

Contact Us page gives users contact information about you, so the all the visitors of your site build a trust with you and also they can easily contact you.

Privacy Policy, Terms & Condition and Disclaimer pages are treated as very important.

10. For Adsense Approval you need some organic Traffic

For Google Adsense Approval requirements you need some organic search traffic. This is minimum requirement for the Adsense approval.

Google will not Approved your request until your site get some organic search traffic. All the officials from Google manually check your site before they make any decision on your approval request.

Google Adsense approval requirements

Other Google Adsense Approval Requirements To get Instantly Approved

You need to also make sure about other eligibility criteria to be not rejected by Google. All of these other important criteria are not stated by Google Documentation.

In my experience all of these criteria should be followed if you really wants activate your Adsense Account and not rejected by again and again.

Select a Fast and Responsive theme

Speed and responsive theme is one of the prior requirements before applying for Google Adsense. One of the most important things is choosing a fast and responsive theme. It can affect your whole site for not being approved.

As you know, that Google will provide relevant and fastest results to their users. So, if your site is loading slowly it will affect your overall performance and visitors will not stay on your site.

My recommendation is GeneratePress Theme, it is fastest and one the best responsive theme ever and also it’s a beginner friendly theme.

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Number of contents you post (Adsense Approval Requirements)

Basically, it is also not mentioned by Google Documentation but if you’re not post enough content you’ll be rejected by Adsense.

Although, it is not mandatory to publish a minimum number of contents to be eligible but I should recommended you that you at least post 20+ articles.

In fact, all of your published articles must be unique and interesting and not copied or rewrite from any other sources.

Must not use any other Ad Network or Affiliate Link

Newcomers are not aware of these Terms and use other ad networks or Affiliate links to earn from starting of their site. Using any other ad networks or affiliate links before getting Adsense Approval is strictly prohibited by Google.

In my blogging journey, I am also used Affiliate links to my site and apply for Adsense and guess what I get from Google is rejection at my first time.

So, keep in mind it before applying for Adsense. When your site is ready to show ads I mean when Google accept your Approval request then you can continue with Promoting Affiliate products.

Final Thought on Google Adsense Approval Requirements

I thought it would be not so much difficulty of getting Adsense approval if you have an interesting and unique content.

Google will consider all of these criteria to be fulfilled before applying for Adsense. All of these discussion requirements are the major factor for your request.

There are also so many minor factors stated in ‘Google’s Publisher Policies’, you can it there.

Lastly, filled above requirements and keep updating your site with unique posts, I am sure that if you followed these criteria you’ll be never disappointed or rejection on Adsense Approval.

F.A.Q on Google Adsense Approval Requirements

Google will not clearly says that any ammount of traffic required for adsense approval but your content must unique and interesting for approval. As my recommendation you need some organic traffic from Google Search.

  1. You must be 18 years old
  2. Must Owned & Full Control over your site
  3. Create unique and interesting content
  4. You must have Clear Navigation
  5. You must avoid fake traffic
  6. Your content must be comply with AdSense Program policies
  7. You must avoid copyright infringement content
  8. You must be use a supported language
  9. Create Technical Page
  10. For adsense approval you need some organic traffic

The answer is very simple follow all the above listed rules or criterias to get instant Google Adsense Approval in 2022.

Commonly, the answer of this question can be a little bit tricky because it does not have any straightforward answer. To be eligible for adsense follow below requirements, atleast post 20+ quality and unique content, gain some organic serach traffic from Google, create navigation menus, have technical pages and must follow Google Adsense Publisher Policies.

Its totally depends on your blogging niche you select. But, usually Google will take atleast 2-4 weeks or more for reviewing your Adsense Approval request.

There was not clearly stated in Google's Documention of how much posts are required for Adsense Approval. In my case I'll post only 15+ articles, always remember only posts quality and unique articles to be Eligible.

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