Best Security Plugins for WordPress – Secure Your website in 2022

Are you thinking about best security plugins for wordpress, than you click the right article.

Here I will discuss why you need such plugins and best security plugins that can protect your Blog or website.

The internet is amazing place and it becomes bigger and bigger day by day, but it can also be a scary place nowdays. As thosands of websites hacked everyday.

Cybercriminals are’t not going anywhere they are coming soon, because of internet popularities.

To protect your site from hackers you need to nothing but best security plugins for wordpress.

Why do you need best security plugins for wordpress

As you know that internet is growing as fast as nothing in this world. But it brings security concerns as websites are compromized everyday with just single click.

That’s why you need best security plugins for your website. This plugins will made to defend against wordpress targeted sites cyber-attacks.

They provide you a bunch of features. Including website scanning and web application firewalls (WAFs).

There are lots of plugins availabel that can provides free and also paid version of malware scannig and threat detection feature.

But ironically, the wrong plugin will push your site one step up to compromized area. So, be careful when you select those security plugins.

Which is why it’s important that you choose only well-reviewed and well-maintained plugins from WordPress plugins library.

Is plugins are necessary for secure your site?

An average website is hacked 44 times in a day. Which include non wordpress to wordpress site according to global reports.

In that case you are not completely secure, even if you installed security plugins for your website. But those best security plugins for wordpress can help your site to bring some protection over using their security features.

So, i’ll definitely recommend you to choose one of those plugins. As they detect cyber attacks from their security features. Such as malware detection, so you can be aware.

A security breach on your site can cause some serious damage to your business.

As i told before, you can not blindly trust any plugins that provide security. Without proper knowledge of what thing might be vulnerable on your site.

You just can’t protect your website with just help of these plugins.

Best wordpress security plugins in 2022

Let’s take a look of some best security plugins for wordpress, and how they protect your site from attackers. You only need to use one plugin from this list.

1. iThemes Security

The best security plugin for wordpress is iThemes Security Pro. With iThemes Security you can identify and stop attacks on your website.

Every 39 seconds, a new cyberattack happens somewhere in the whole web. The good news is this attacks can be prevented with such plugins.

iThemes security setup is so simple and onboarding experience design. Any one can secure their website under 10 minutes without knowing any cyber knowledge. Just enabled all the right security settings of iThemes.

This plugin will provides a real-time WordPress security dashboard that monitors security related events on your site.

Key Features include:-

Two factor authentication (2FA) :- iThemes plugins allows you to add two factor authentication on your site. With several authentication methods like Google Authenticator or Email.

reCAPTCHA :- Stop bots from attempting to break into your website. Using compromized password and also posting scam.

Trusted Device :- Help to identify the devices that you use to block session hijacking attacks. And limit their Administrative privileges to Trusted devices.

Network Brute Force Protection :- If someone tries to break into your websites than iThemes Security will block them across the network.

Site Scanner :- Site scanning enable twice daily to checks for known vulnerablities of WordPress core file, plugins and themes.

2. Security Ninja

For vulnerability testing that’s ease of use and user-friendly, try Security Ninja plugin.

This plugin scans for over 50 different known vulnearblity that can help block malicious activity. Also this tool automatically block 600+ million bad IPs with just single click.

With it’s pro version you can do audit logging in the event logger, you can track what is going on and which user did what and when.

Security Ninja comes with a powerful heuristic scanner that can dectect patterns and block code samples in other plugin or themes. And alert you any suspicious files. It have two factor authentication (2AF) that can bring some extra security.

For your concern best security plugins for WordPress, Security Ninja is perfect choice for your site.

Key features including:-

  • Vunerability scanning- warns you of any known vulnerability of your site.
  • Performs over 50+ security tests with one click.
  • Prevent 0-day exploit attacks that can damage your site.
  • It should optimized and speed up your database.
  • Taking preventing measures against any type of attacks.
  • Stop brute force attack on user accounts to test password strenght.
  • Apache and PHP related tests.

3. MalCare Security

We’ve seen some of different security plugins they are protect your site from cyber-attack. But most people’s think about what they would do after a sucessful hacking attempt.

This is where MalCare Security comes in. MalCare is the fastest malware detection and removal plugin used by thousands of peoples.

It has some intelligent scanning methodology that will never slow down your website. And also accurately identifies the most complex malware that could’t be easy to detect.

The one click malware cleaner provides unlimited automated cleanups. With it inbuilt powerful cloud-based firewall you can protect your site from spam attacks.

For your problem best security plugins for wordpress. MalCare comes with a site management module that ensures site management to your websites from a single dashboard.

Key feature Including:-

  • Cloud based deep malware scanner for protection.
  • Finds all type of malwares, even new and complex one.
  • Clean your site instantly, in just 60 seconds.
  • Captcha-based login page protection.
  • View hacked file details.
  • Get alerts about Security Risks with WordPress Vulnerability Scannner.
  • Doesn’t slow down your website.

4. Shield Security

One of the best security plugin for wordpress is Sheild Security. Once you active this plugin after that it will immediately works for your site.

Shield Security has full of great security tools that make intelligence decisions to protect your site from illegal activity and maintained your site security and integrity.

It comes with in-built Bot detection. Bad bots are the primary cause of all our security troubles, they are automated and so powerful.

Early identification and blocking of malicious bots can reduce your site’s Vulnerability to any sort of attack.

Even with the best security efforts, a site get hacked without it’s absence. This usually involes file modification: either a hack will added or a file is changed. It also restricted security admin access.

Key features Including:-

  • The most powerful Anti-Bot Detection security system.
  • Automatically blocks bad IP address that harm your website.
  • It gives Login, Registration and Password Reset protection over invalid clicks.
  • Brute Force Security protection with Limit Login Attempts.
  • Block XML-RPC (including Pingbacks and Trackbacks).
  • Detect file changes and scan & repair WordPress core files.
  • Create a Private Login URL by hiding wp-login.php.

5. Sucuri Security

Sucuri Security is one of most used security plugin in WordPress. They offer a basic free Security plugin which help you from any type of attacks.

But if you purchase it’s premium version, than you get best WordPress firewall. A firewall helps you to stop brute froce attacks and unwanted malware threats.

Sucuri plugin will filter bad traffic with firewall rules, even if they reach your website.

It offer users a set of security festures for their sites, but each designed to have a positive effect on your website’s security posture.

When you search best security plugin for wordpress, Sucuri provides clean up your WordPress site. If it gets affected with malware or any type of attack.

Key features Including:-

  • Provide Security Activity audit protection.
  • File Integrity Monitoring.
  • Offers Remote Malware Scanning.
  • Blocklist Monitoring.
  • Post-Hack security actions.
  • Effective security hardening.

6. Wordfence Security

Another popular and ease of use WordPress security plugin is Wordfence. It also provides similar type of services compare to other security plugins.

They offer a free version of Wordfence which comes a malware detection and threat assessment like features. You got alearted when it finds any suspicious activity.

Wordfence plugin have a built-in Firewall. Web Application Firewall identifies and blocks malicious traffic that causes damage to your site.

Protect your site at the endpoint, enabling deep integration with WordPress.

It’s Integrated malware scanner blocks suspicious requests that include malicious code or content. Also protect from Brute Force Attacks.

Key features Including:-

  • It have built-in Firewall.
  • Real-time firewall rule and malware signature updation.
  • Protect from Brute Force Attack by limiting Login attempts.
  • Checks for known security vulnerabilities and aleart you.
  • Provide Two factor authentication (2AF).
  • Login page CAPTCHA stops bots from unwanted logging in.
  • Cheaks for any dangerous URLs by scanning comments and file contents.

7. Defender

Firstly, Defender is a new but also comprehensive and simple security plugin. That can be help your site to overcome from cyber attacks.

After you install and configure the tool with a few click, on the other hand it will work immediately. Defender will provide a bunch of security features at no extra cost.

Most importantly, it will provides a firewall with IP blocking enabled for free.

Defender starts with a list of one-click hardening techniques consequently add layers of protection to your website.

This plugin will defend against brute force attacks, SQL injections, cross-site scripting XSS and so on. However, it forced bots from unwanted spamming on your site.

Key features Including:-

  • Two factor authentication (2AF) for extra security
  • Lock failed login attempts, in other words defend from suspicious login
  • Scan WordPress core files for modification and unexpected changes
  • Automatic block Bot IPs
  • Disable Trackbacks and Pingbacks for example spam detection
  • Prevent from information disclosure
  • Prevent PHP execution

8. Anti-Malware (best Security plugin for wordpress)

Lastly of our list of best security plugins for wordpress is Anti-Malware Security.

This plugin also comes with lots of security features for example, Malware scanning, Anti-Bot Detection, Brute Force Protection and so on.

Most importantly, it download defination updates to protect against new incoming threats. However, it will run a complete scan to automatically removes known vulnerabilities and security threats.

Anti-Malware also upgrade vulnerable versions of timthumb scripts.

In conclusion, to find best security plugins for wordpress could be some Anti-Malware or any other in our lists.

Final thought of best security plugins

It’s hard to choice best security plugins for wordpress. Because, all security plugins will works in the same manner. And also well-reviewed and well-maintained security plugins will hard to find.

In our list of WordPress plugins all of those are very popular and also well-maintained. So, you can go with one of them.

Make it clear that you will not gonna install two or three as it effects badly to your website loading speed. Just go with any of one security plugin that will complete your desire or need.

All of above themes are free and have their separate paid versions. As you know that without any investment you’ll do nothing.

So, if you like these plugins go with it and purchase premium versions. Because it is always best to upgrade to get their unlimited features.

If you are a beginner than you should go with any of their free version.

Tip:- If you find best SEO plugins than Read This.

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