Best Free WordPress Themes for Blogs – In 2022

Are you looking for best free wordpress themes for blogs? Then your concern will solve in this articles.

In wordpress there are thousands of themes available, making a choice of a good theme can be hard for beginners. The free wordpress themes best tough to find.

Your free theme needs to reliable and easy to customize and also faster for audience engagement.

In this article, we have picked-up some reliable, coustomizable and also fastest free wordpress themes for your Blog. Let’s get into this.

Select free wordpress themes best

Choosing the free wordpress themes best for blog is crucial, to highlight your content and give your website a more professional looks.

As you know that wordpress is one the best platform to accomplish your concern best free wordpress themes for blogs. To find the best themes for yourself you need to be sure what topic or niche you select. Your niche plays a big role when selcting your best free theme.

Suppose your blog niche is photography related and you selcted a minimal theme that does not have proper customization. So when you post something about your topic the theme that you select can’t show your content properly.

And you can’t grab the audience and their engagement, because of your poor theme selection.

So keep in mind when you select a free wordpress theme, that any themes can’t provide you the proper best view to your content.

Best free wordpress themes for blogs

Here are some list of best free wordpress themes for your blogs. You can start using today.

1. Astra

Theme states

  •  Active installtions – 1 milion+ downloads
  • Rating – 5 / 5
  • WebpageTest Load Time – 60 ms
  • Features – light weight, fit to any type of blog such as, Personal portfolio, business website, eCoomerce store.

Astra is a highly coustomizable and light-weight free theme availabel in wordpress theme store. Compatible with popular wordpress page builders such as Elementor or Divi, beside that it is a performance based theme.

Astra is only requires less than 50 Kb of resources compare to other themes, and offers us an unparalleled of speed.

It provides us awesome flexibility for this reason this theme will suitable for any kind of website such as, Personal blog, lifestyle, eCommerce and business oriented websites.

This theme will make one thing in mind that it must have SEO friendly and also have devlopers-friendly environment. Including hooks and filters to allow developers to extend it’s funtionality.


Tip: If you don’t know what was the differnce between blog and website Read this.

2. Neve

Theme states

  • Active Installation – 300,000+ downloads
  • Rating – 5 / 5
  • Features – Light-weight, first loading time and responsive, compatible with almost populer page builders.

In our list Neve is the next free wordpress theme. Beside that it has some Astra theme like features.

Neve is superfast in terms of speed, light-weight and also simple to customize. It is a multipurpose theme and can suitable any kind of business, personal blog, eCommerce and porfolio sites.

In addition, it perfectly works on most of the popular page builders. Neve is highly optimized for SEO(Search Engine Optimization) and fully AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) optimization responsive theme.

Yo can design this minimilistic theme by drag and drop its elements and blog archive pages. Its total install is only 28 Kb, and it can load as fast as 0.6 seconds on default installtion.


3. GeneratePress

Theme states

  • Active Installation – 400,000+ downloads
  • Rating – 5 / 5
  • WebpageTest Load Time – 1.435 Seconds
  • Features – fast and responsive, requires less than 10 Kb with 100% speed score.

One of fastest and and reponsive theme is GeneratePress. This theme build on focus speed and usability.

You will find a lot of option regarding to customization, plugins and functionalities. This theme is specially designed for performance, which is why a fress installation requires only 10 Kb to your page size.

We can take full advantage of block editor (Gutenberg), which gives you more control over your content. Also it solve your concern best free wordpress themes for blogs.

If you are using any kind of page buider such as Elementor or Divi, then GeneratePress theme is perfect for you. As it supports all major page builders it can easy for you to coustomize this thmes on any page builder you want.

Like other themes this will also suitable with most of blogs such as presonal blog, wooCommerce, tech business.


4. Customify

Theme states

  • Active intallation – 50,000+ downloads
  • Rating – 4.5 / 5
  • WebpageTest Load Time – 1.534 seconds
  • Fetures – fast, light-weight, responsive and super flexible.

Customify as much not popular as other themes in the list. But this theme is perfect choice as a beginner to handle their contents.

This theme is made one thing in mind, its coustomization, speed and usability. This theme can support all kind of page builders.

Combined with the Header & Footer you can build any kind of websites like, shop, business agencies, blog, personal portfolio, corporate and so on.

This theme is also known for its usablility and custoomization as its name like. You can create any accesible websites in a few clicks.

Also this theme will fully optimized with SEO (Search Engine Optimization).


5. OceanWp

Theme states

  • Active installation – 700,000+ downloads
  • Ratings – 5 / 5
  • Fetures – Responsive design, in-depth customization available and fast in speed

OceanWp is highly flexible, light-weight and super extendable. This theme is perfect for your project.

OceanWp is a multipurpose theme that can supports any kind of websites such as blogs, portpolio sites and online stores. This theme will also compatible of your favourite page builders just like Divi, Visual Composer, Brizy and so on.

Consider to your accomplish best free wordpress theems for blogs has suffient amount of funtionality, that you can create an awesome accesible wordpress website with this.

OceanWp is not only flexible also includes a developers-friendly codebase ripe for customization. Beside it is easy to use and clean interface.

As a beginner your choice of OceanWp theme will help you from customize to SEO.


6. Olsen Light

Theme states

  • Active installation – 7,000+ downloads
  • Ratings – 5 / 5
  • Fetures – stylish design, compatible with any device smoothly, elegant.

In this list Olsen Light is a new theme and also stylish, minimal and it gives your blog’high-end sheen.’

If you are looking to create a lifestyle and travel blog this theme will defenitely help you to make your dream true.

It is well documented and supported, very flexible and easy to usae for beginner to advanced any kind of creater ytou are. Its responsive design will give your visitors the perfect mobile browsing experience phones, tablets.

As like others theme it will compatible all of major page builders with SEO in mind.

If you can not find or fulfill your concern best free wordpress themes for blogs the next theme will defenitely help you out of this situations.

Additionally, this theme is compitable with most of wordpress usefull plugins such as Yoast SEO, WPForms, WPML and so on.

7. Writee

Theme states

  • Active installation – 9,000+ downloads
  • Ratings – 5 / 5
  • Fetures – custom favicon and simple minimal design, highly responsive.

Writee is best when it comes in personal blog and travel blog. It is worth your consideration free wordpress themes best.

Writee, as the name suggests, is a free wordpress theme design and customized for bloggers and writers. It is fully responsive and highly optimized for SEO.

You can customize various elements of the theme’s design, from selecting colors to changing background. This theme is simple and elegant for beginners to advanced.

It also suppports various post types such as gallery to video, making it easier for you to diversify your content through its design.

And it has also couple of premium plans to choose from. For one site, a licence will cost 35 doller.

Conclusion (best free wordpress themes for blogs)

Before choosing any kind of theme make sure you select your blogging niche. However, themes design will not suitable for all kind of blogs.

If you choose some kind of theme that does not compatible with your blog or business. Then your content will not properly seen by users and your engagement goes down.

WordPress have thousands of free themes available and its tough to find your niche like theme. If you are a new in blogging then you select minimilistic theme because, it helps you to understand how themes are customized.

Lots of you may be find an occured situation when first time choosing a theme. At beginnig it does not matter how your content show to your audience becasue, you have not enough audience at beginnig to judge your content by your themes design.

Finally, if you are beginner then you should must select themes that have SEO optimized and also reponsive and user friendly. Then later you can shift to premium themes.

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