Best Blogging Platform To Make Money Online (in 2022)

If you are search for best blogging platform to make money in 2022, than this article will help you to do.

Generally, it can be so hard for newcomers to choose a right blogging platform, which is why I write this content so you can figure out the whole conception.

The main conception here is to choose a right platform, for case, you don’t need to switch multiple times.

Two types of platforms available free and paid. If you want to completely monetize your content you should go for paid platforms.

Before anything else, let’s discuss why you need blogging platforms.

Importance of Blogging platforms

The first thing you need when start fresh blog is “platform” where you keep all your articles, images, videos etc.

Blogging platforms also known as CMS (Content Management System).

Here came out a question that, what is CMS or platform?

Until or unless you’re a website developer, you need to code from scratch to publish your content on it. But utmost of peoples prefer to skip the rendering part, and that’s where platform comes in.

Generally, blogging platforms don’t ask for money to host your website, they offer free hosting planes. But as I told you free planes won’t let go with the completely monetization.  

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What is Blog Hosting?

All websites hosted by a web server which helps to take your blog online, so peoples can access it. Blog hosting is nothing but an internet-based storage space, where you keep all your article and contents.

In fact, most of blogging platforms give you a free hosting when picks their platform.

Other companies especially web hosting provider’s offers a paid hosting plan (called self-hosted planes).

We recommend you Hostgator for blog hosting to start your first blog.

Free Vs paid blog hosting benefits

When you elect a free blog hosting services, you don’t need to setup anything. All of configurations were done by your provider’s. In other words, you can’t get the full access of it.

You’re handed with a domain name look likewise “”. And it’s sounds not so professional. Most importantly, you are not qualified to full monetize your blog.

In other case, when you obtain a paid hosting service (purchase hosting plane and domain name). They allow you to take control your entire website. That’s why we called self-hosted blog.

Now, you can understand that you’ll need to go with self-hosting planes if you want to earn from it.

Let’s see best blogging platform to make money online.

The 5 Best Blogging Platforms to Make Money

Let’s discuss our top 5 best blogging platforms to kick start your journey in blogging. There are some free and also paid versions available.

1. WordPress (Best blogging platfom to make money)

WordPress is the No. 1 most extensively used blogging platform in the world

Also it is the most popular open-source blogging platform as of now. In fact, WordPress is generally used as a CMS (Content Management System).

Over 43% of all web use WordPress for making a good website without any coding demand. Globally used from blogging hobby to one of the biggest news sites.

Wordpress Best blogging platform

It gives you the freedom to make anything you just want. For case, WordPress is available both free and paid interpretation at the same time.

As you know that free version comes with some limitation and you’re not exercising its full features.

But, paid version offers you an unlimited options to customize or completely monetization. Paid planes give the powers of supremacy.

Most importantly, you can extend its features with over 55,000+ plugins to meet your requirements.

Over 60 million peoples have chosen this important CMS to their web.

Key Features:-

  • Open-source platform
  • Trusted by millions
  • SEO-friendly
  • Responsive Designs
  • Easy and Accessible
  • High security
  • High Performance

Our Recommendation :- WordPress can a great pair with Hostgator hosting plan. You can sign up for Hostgator for as low as $2.75/month (through this link get upto 60% off). After that, install WordPress on your site with just few clicks! Hostgator planes comes with a free domain name also.

2. Wix

Another popular best blogging platform to make money is Wix.

It is also known for its drag and drop features. This point makes it user-friendly. Just like other platforms it has also free and paid versions.

In fact, free version are not relatively good, indeed it limited its features compare to free version of WordPress.

Generally, there a veritably few customization are available in Wix free version. Also it displays Wix advertisements on your site with free version.

If you really want to make money making blog into the Wix platform, you should go with its paid planes

Wix best blogging platforms to make money

Wix is not so much popular compare to WordPress. But it is easier than WordPress with a bit more expensive. Again you could stuck on its customization as it not offers so much options to customize.


  • Easy to build websites using drag-and-drop software
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Less efforts requires to building your site


  • Few options for themes and plugins
  • Low hosting options
  • Planes are less flexible
  • Free version contained only limited customization option
  • Displays ads with its free plan

3. Weebly

Weebly is another blogging platform with drag-and-drop builder. It is especially for ecommerce websites.

Drive organic traffic to your website as it provides in-built social media marketing and SEO tools. Compare to any other blogging platforms it has less option or features.

Weebly comes with free hosting services as it the best part of this platform.

Best blogging platforms to make money online

Also they, offer domains with their premium plan. It could be easy for you to Transfer your domain in case you purchase from other services.


  • Beginner-friendly
  • Inbuilt SEO tools
  • Drag and drop software


  • Very few software integration available in Wix
  • More expensive
  • Less customization Options

4. Blogger (Best Blogging Platform to Make Money)

Blogger is possessed by Google, it is the only free best blogging platform to make money.

You can work on a free blog in this platform for absolutely free of cost.

As I told you before free planes doesn’t provides sufficient amount of features to customize. Unfortunately, you will stuck on limited Teplates and third-party plugins.


Now a days it is bit more tough to monetize your blog on Blogger because, of high competition in market.

There is no paid hosting or anything in Blogger. And you can’t add custom domain name (Your domain start like this “”). Either you buy a domain from other hosting providers.


  • Don’t need to pay for anything
  • Simple and easy to use
  • You own your content
  • Upto 40% websites are in blogger on internet


  • Few templates and third-party plugins
  • Can’t monetize fully
  • It is not easy to get Approved on Google AdSense
  • Can’t change “” in doamin name

5. Medium

Medium is much further different blogging platform from other described options.

It is one of the most popular blogging and publishing platform on the internet. As it allows anyone to publish their contents to it.

Medium is especially for bloggers and writers. But it has a limitation as you are not authorized to put advertisements on your content. You don’t own your audiences.


For writers it offers pre-monetize platform there you can write blog post and, build an audience and get paid by Partner Program.

In general, its unique blogging platform to make money. Because, you don’t need to pay for Domain & Hosting. Just write articles and get paid for it.


  • Don’t need ant domain or hosting
  • Provide pre-monetize environments for fresh bloggers
  • With high DA (Domain Authority) can easily rank your articles in Google Search results.


  • You don’t show ads on your content
  • Low revenue compare to others
  • Only get paid by Partner Program

Conclusion About - (Best blogging platform to make money)

The conclusion about Best blogging platform to make money….

WordPress + a paid hosting service is the best blogging platform. If you’re gonna take blogging serious and want to make money from it just go with Wordpres + (Hostgator).

We specially recommend Hostgator to start your blogging journey. As they provide an incredible service 24/7 and one of the most popular hosting providers in market.

Go with this duo (WordPress + Hostgator) I am sure that you can make a good amount of money from the Blogging.

Qucik Note:- If you found this article helpful, let us know in the comment section. You can ask any question related to Best blogging platforms.

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